CPU usage at 100%


I am find some problems with the True Basic Bronze and I would like some help.

I have got a laptop Fujitsu/Siemens 512Mb RAM, processor AMD Sempron 2800+, Hard Drive 40Gb.

Platform (Windows XP Home Portuguese).
Version of True BASIC you are using (I am using version "6.006, Bronze").
Whether or not you can duplicate the problem, and if so, how.(running the TBEDITOR.EXE)
Sample code which causes/reveals the issue.(TBDEMOs)

When I run TBEDITOR.EXE my CPU rises for 100% and stops when I close the Editor on Menu/File/Exit.
If I close the window of the Editor the process doesn't stop and the same problem happens
with the tbsystem.exe and the TUTOR.
All of them keep going if I close the Editor and they keep using 100% of CPU.
I must stop the process on the task manager in order to reduce the CPU usage.

Thank you,


CPU usage


You are quite right. On exit from the editor, either by closing the window or by selecting EXIT from the file menu, it appears to leave the editor running according to Task Manager. I don't know why this is happening, but I will check it out.

Big John

I did see that on some of the

I did see that on some of the CTX examples but never followed up on it. It happens whether you use the tbsystem.exe or 531tbsystem.exe. I actually thought it was just the way the examples were coded, but like I said, never looked into it.