Accessing Excel files

Just getting back into TB after a long hiatus. How do r read from/write to Excel (NOT .csv) files?

By the way, the manuals work well on a Kindle DX. I use my referances there because I don't like help files covering my work. "LabView GUI Essential Techinques" is an outstanding referance on GUI design. The fact that it's written for LabView does not effect its applicability ti GUI's in general.

Thanks Sid B.




Rik is absolutely correct. You cannot import or export Excel files in native format to TB. However, it is extremely simple to import and export CSV files between TB and Excel. Basically CSV files are text files where each data item is separated by a comma. The very first line of the file contains all the Excel column headings separated by commas. What could be simpler than that?

Big John

re: read/write to excel

I think the answer is--you can't! True Basic is not Visual Basic (built around Office programs). The file types supported by True Basic will not be directly compatible with Excel. [It might be possible to create a CSV file in True Basic however (I haven't done so), but you excluded that.] You can CHAIN out to EXCEL and use it in the middle of a TrueBasic program, but getting data out of TB into Excel or from Excel into TB would be a challenge. However, if anyone does know how or comes up with a way, I too would be very interested. I've always had to take data compiled and massaged in EXCEL and write a separate program where I manually entered that data to get it into a TrueBasic file format. If it could be done directly, that would be great, but again I think you want Visual Basic for that kind of application.