Problem opening large files

I am attempting to process some large files using TB. When I attempt to open a very large one I get a runtime error "Trouble using disk or printer (9002) occured at line 9 in main program". The following code produces the error.

open #1: name "E:\AOLPlus3\OSM\california.osm", org byte ( or without the "org")
print "OK"

The program runs OK with "large" files, e.g. size 1,422,726 KB but not with "very large" files, e.g. size 9,342,180 KG.

I did not see file size listed as a limit for TB. Is there such a limit or am I missing something? Or, could the problem be insufficient memory.

I am running XP Pro and have 3.5 GB of RAM. I am running TB Gold ver 6.006.

Richard Lycan
Professor Emeritus of Geography and Urban Studies.


Very large files


If your computer has 3.5 GB of memory i.e. 3500 MB or 3,500,000 KB then you will find it difficult to read files which are 3 times greater than your available memory. I suggest you read the file in small chunks of 1MB, process your data then use the same variable to read in the next chunk of data.

Big John