Old Bug Back in 6.07

Darn! I thought I had seen the last of this bug. If I close all source windows and exit TB 6.07, the next time I launch it, I get one of a couple errors:

Cannot find *FREE


Cannot find Untitled1

I know turning off Hotstart eliminates this error, but Hotstart is useful and the error should be fixed.

Tom Lake



The Admin answer about hotstart is correct, however, there is still a long-standing bug involving *FREE. When working over a period of time with a file, running that file, saving that file, the editor will lose the name of that file and substitute *FREE and from that point you can't save the file (at least I can't) and must exit the whole editor program to clear the system--losing any changes in the program since the last save. I have seen this happen with all 6.x versions and Big John has worked on it, but I suspect it is a function of the multiple runs. What is probably a connected problem is that I also see TBeditor.exe retained as a PROCESS even after shutting down the editing session. I think--but am not absolutely sure--this retention is associated with the *FREE error.




In order for "hotstart" to work properly, you need to leave files open when you shut down. If Hotstart is switched on and there are no files then the editor looks for a default file called UNTITLED 1 (which it usually cannot find so it reports this problem). I can easily remove this message, but it does mean you will not get the message even if you have saved your work as UNTITLED 1.
When a file has been closed it is labelled as *FREE so that the editor knows which elements in the file array can be reused. In the old editor each file had a separate window, but in version 6 there is only one window and selected files are inserted into this single window from an array. This is the origin of the *FREE problem. I will check again, but I am sure I inserted a trap for filenames called *FREE. The only way that I can see from the code for a file to acquire this name is when a file is closed. When a new file is opened it either has an existing filename or is assigned an "UNTITLED" name. In both cases these names replace the word *FREE. Maybe I should Get the *FREE traps to ask the user to SAVE AS. At least you won't lose any work.


The purpose of Hotstart is to open programs that were open when you shut down TB, so if you closed them all before exiting it has nothing to work with. Try leaving them open next time - your work will still be saved - Hotstart should work properly then.