Trouble gettting started with my v6.006 Gold program

Background: I'm an old guy that had BASIC in college back in the '80s and enjoyed writing dice generating programs back then. Now I'm just looking for a hobby to keep my mind active. I am certainly a novice. I bought the v6.006 Gold CD and "Let's Program It...In True BASIC" book close to a year ago and am just now getting started.

I installed the program on my Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop without an issue. I then typed in the first program in the book:
! Example Program 2-1

PRINT "Hello!"

and then I selected RUN and got the error, "TBedCOMPILE.EXE is missing. Pre-Compiling is aborted. (OK)", and the program became jittery like it was trying to run over and over again. I was expecting it just to produce: Hello!
That message made it seem like I should compile the program first, which the book did not mention. Also, I seem to remember Quick BASIC running simple programs like that without compiling it.

Finally, although the error statement said that TBedCOMPILE.EXE is missing, that file is in the directory that the program was installed in. So was the tutorial program, and that won't run from the editor either, I have to run that from Windows Explorer, and I don't thing that works correctly if not run from the True BASIC program.

Any advice is appreciated. I can't find a phone number on this site for support.




This is a very common error that happens if TB is run without administrator rights in the default installation folder, because it needs to be able to write temp files in its own directory to work properly, as you discovered! The easy fix is to right-click and Run as Administrator; the permanent fix is to edit the read/write privileges in the installation folder. Full details on all of that can be found on the forum, just search on "TBEDCOMPILE."

Glad you are up and running either way. For future reference, it's fastest to contact us via email for tech support ( but our phone number is posted on the Ordering Information page.

Install path

Sounds like you may have installed it in to its default path chosen by the installer, if this is the case windows will object to writing to the true basic folder. Try to unistall the program and then install it again in the root drive. Mine is C:/TrueBasic. I have no problem compiling...except for my own bugs.

Hope this helps


Thanks, Dave. That did it!