Where are my files

I modify programs and save them with a new name, but they do not show up in the directory. Apparently they are somewhere, but where? And why? Same thing with files I create to print to. They never show up in the directories.
In the older version I did not have this problem but other problems. This forum seems to be full of Compile missing errors and complicated workarounds, which don't really work. I don't know how to fix these things but the writers should be able to find a way.

Tom Laidlaw


re: file locations

If you just start the editor, your files should be saved to the same directory from which you run the editor. HOWEVER, if saving a file for the first time, use SAVE AS and then you can navigate to any folder you want--even create a new folder. The editor remembers the last several files you worked on and their locations (until you actually close the file in the editor). Using SAVE AS gives you complete control of the file locations.


where are my files

Well, I did all that, but the files got into some wierd place called compatibility files that I had to hunt for. Now it seems to be working as it should.