How do I make color files?

When changing color settings the program asks for "enter your color file or press ON" The documentation says text may be colored and files may be created, but it does not tell me how to create files. Documentation should take a complete path. When Color File is mentioned it should also tell us how to create such a file. I can find nothing that does that.
Something is: Color Files may be created. Go to Color File Creation to find out how to do it. This is common fault with all program documentation. It's like a car salesman telling you to start the demo car but not giving you the keys.


re: color files

It looks to me that many of the preference changes are not working in version 6.07. I can't change font or background color. I can switch on the bold red cursor and can turn the color text on and off.

As to a color file--the preferences file is TBEDITS.CFG and that is loaded and saved automatically. The dialog box for color fonts doesn't really allow you to load a separate file--just turn on and off the colored text. This looks to be a 'bug' in the editor. You cannot really customize the colored text mode--only the font and single color of the text when not in the multi-color mode. The bigger problem right now is actually setting the preferences. This is not working correctly [Windows 8, Editor version 6.07]