Is there some good information about BIND and creating stand-alone programs?


re: binding

Not sure what you want to know. When you bind a program you get a single executable file (*.exe). Unless you revert back to System 5.31 (used for the editor but not the main compiler in version 6 packages) you don't even need the *.dll files. When bound, all library calls, external subroutines, and/or multiple modules are collected into the single executable file. All you need to do is access BIND from the menu and provide a filename. If your program accesses graphic or data files, you will need to include those with the executable in order to distribute your work.

Not sure many people know about modules. You can break large programs down into smaller packages through the use of modules. This becomes necessary with LARGE programs because of some of the DOS limitations still buried within the TrueBasic system. Variables can be shared across modules but need to be specified in either SHARED or COMMON lists, but once that is mastered (see manual) you can build programs as large as needed. The module method can be easier than external subroutines if you have multiple subroutines accessing each other and don't want long variable lists associated with each call.] The BOUND programs seem not to be restricted in size. [The individual file limit, if I am remembering correctly, is 64k compiled, which works out to approximately 3-4000 lines.]

Whatever you find in the manual (see downloads) is what there is on BINDING.