I'm a 88-year-old geezer returning to programming after 15 years or so. I used to do basic, pascal and c under dos but quit when windows complicated life too much for me. I'm back and happy with true basic, but a question. I have only seen hints of it but I'm using set color mix and set color for 16,777,xxx colors with no preamble about 256 color mode and it all seems ok, just as it used to be, but much simpler. Am I missing something?

don peirce


re: colors

No, you're not missing anything. 256 color mode is the default and you can set any of the 17 million r,g,b values to define the 256 palette colors but then you can redefine at will. You can end up using as many different colors as there are pixels in a screen/window. The read_image subroutine lets you read and display full color jpeg and bmp images. Enjoy!