Beta report from Yehia El-Sayed: subroutines, chain command, etc.

Hi John,

I'm passing this bug report on:



Dear Peter

I tried to test your new TB editor with my new Microsoft Vista machine
that has also all my developed programs by TBGOLD version 5.41. I have
this version for more than 5 years. Here are three preliminary observations:

1) The new TB editor when using go to a subroutine name, the action
appears as if looking for the the first time the name appears, unless I
have to mark the subroutine from the list of subroutines. TBGold goes
directly to the subroutine

2) I list three buttons with TD_list routine: change|done with
changes|quit this analysis. With the new TB system, the three buttons
occupy much smaller width that only part of the words appear. I have to
use change|done|escape for appearance. With TBGOLD, this problem does
not occur.

3) With the new TB system, the use of chain a flow diagram made by word
2000 within a program, the flow diagram is not recognized. The error
message "program not available for chain (-10005)" appears. If chain is
used at the beginning with the new TB editor,Vista activates Miccrosoft
Works word processor and an unrecognized messed drawing appears. My
understanding is Vista Works does not recognize arrows. Chain fails with
both the old and the new TB programs.

I apologize for being unable to communicate with the site you named

Yehia El-Sayed


Beta test comments

(1) I assume that the words go to refer to MOVE TO under the EDIT menu. This option works the same way as version 5.5b19. It offers the options to type a line number, or type a searchword, or select from a list of sub routines. The latter option takes you directly to the sub-routine you require. If you just type the name of the sub-routine as a search word, then the editor will search for the first occurrence of the search word, which could be either CALL searchword or SUB searchword.

(2)I assume you mean TDX_List and not TD_List. If you don't want to use the TDX library because it truncates button text, then continue to use the TrueDial library.

(3) There are two options for chaining in the new editor under the FILE menu:
Chain program
Chain Windows Apps
The second option allows you to chain to Windows WORD documents for example, so if your flow diagram was in a WORD document then it would be displayed. You can also use this option to play music in the background.

The first chain option only allows you to run executable programs.

It is not clear whether you want to chain to other applications whilst using the editor, or whether you want to chain within your program. Chaining from within a program can be done on all versions from 5.31 upwards and including the new editor.

I have not yet checked this out with VISTA but it is true of all versions of Windows from Win95 up to and including XP.

Big John

17 AUG 2008

I have now checked that chaining works successfully with Windows VISTA. Both Chain to Windows apps and Chain to programs under the FILE menu work correctly. Chaining to FORMS under the help menu also works provided the appropriate DLL files are installed.

Big John