Cannot PRINT to console (Win7)

I haven't used TB since 5.5. Just bought Silver v6.007. Bought it to get Win7 support. My programs worked fine under XP but the editor and compiler didn't.

But on Win7 64-bit I don't seem to be able to output any on-screen text to give the user progress while the programs runs.

Additionally, the command prompt reappears immediately, even though the program hasn't completed processing (reading and writing text files).

I didn't find any obvious complaints on this subject when I searched this forum or in the README or manual.
Is this unique to me somehow? Am I overlooking a new behavior? Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



re: Print to console

A little example of the code you are trying to run might help here.

Understand though, that the language is still version 5.5 (5.5b19 is what is distributed in Version 6 packages). What IS new is the Editor and the editor uses version 5.31 to eliminate some problems with the 5.5 versions, but would be a step backwards to use for one's programming in many ways (needs .dll files distributed with your work, has 128 character path limitations, lacks some commands.) Therefore, whatever used to work, should still work in terms of compiled or bound programs. Running from the Editor however, might show some different behaviors. The only Windows issues that I'm aware of are to be sure that your executable programs (Editor, compiler (System), etc. are all set to be run as an administrator.) Another way around that is to set TrueBasic to run under XP emulation for Vista, Win 7, or Win 8. I've personally had no problems running under any of those Windows operating systems.

So..give us a sample of code that isn't working.


re: Print to console

Hmm. Not sure how to explain it (perhaps a loose nut behind the keyboard), but it's working now. No XP emulation mode needed. I only had a CLEAR and an empty PRINT "" statement previously. Adding PRINT and SET CURSOR statements seemed to clear things up. But thanks for the info.
By the way, on a related note, is there a way to re-label the dedicated text output window? I'd prefer to have the name of my own app there instead of "True BASIC Gold edition".

re: Print to console

Doubt you can rename the text window but you can create your own window, rename that, and print to that window. Look at the True-Controls library calls. Below are some of the commands you may need. DISPLAY is the name of MY window and XR, YB and winbar are screen parameters determined earlier in the program. The TC_win_Switch command is what you would use to move between windows--say a graphics window and a text window. You can also work on an invisible window then SHOW it..very useful in doing animations.

CALL TC_WIN_Create (DISPLAY,"title",0,XR-1,YB-1,winbar)
CALL tc_win_settitle (DISPLAY,"U.S.ENERGY MODEL-3")