System Version?

Is there still a way to know what version of the language one is using at a particular time? 'Version' and 'about True Basic' both give the editor version. I usually substitute the 5.5b22 version that I have (5.5b19 is what is distributed with version 6 -- along with 5.31 which the editor uses but one can copy and rename 531tbsystem.exe as tbsystem.exe if you want to go back to this older but somewhat more stable version) but having several installations of True Basic on my 4 different machines, I lose track of which have the 5.5b19 and which the 5.5b22. If I remember correctly (always a problem) VERSION in the command box used to give the system version?




The command VER will return the version info in older editions - in v6, it does just return the version info for the current editor, rather than the details on the current binder (TBSYSTEM) settings.

I would imagine that it's possible to modify the settings in order to use a system file other than 5.5b19 or 5.31 (pre-sets) while retaining a more specific filename; I will look into this for you.

re: Version

Let me suggest that using the 'About True Basic' menu command to give the editor version and the VER command line to return the system version might be a good way to go. Probably only those of us interested in the system version even know about the VER command, while the 'About' is right there in the editor menu. Just my suggestion.