update graphic toolkit

sub routines for triangulation so will possible to make advanced plotting with color patch.


Subs for Triangulation

Hello Peter,

Gelieve Excuseer me als dit is onbegrijpelijk.
Ik spreek geen Nederlands. Ik ben met behulp van Google vertalen.
U wilt een uitvoerbaar programmabestand te creëren, zodat er geen ander programma nodig.
Is dat juist?
Daarom moet je een bibliotheek van subroutines voor gebruik met een dergelijk programma?
Je wilt weten of iemand heeft subroutines die zich omgaan met deze onderwerpen?
Het spijt me, maar ik heb geen subroutines die handelen over deze onderwerpen.

vriendelijke groeten,
Mike C.

Subs for Triangulation

Hello Peter,
It is not probable that TB will add anything new.
What exactly do you want the sub routine to do?
Perhaps I can help, if you can describe the requirements in more detail.

regards, Mike C.

I Thank you before.(I try something several years a go myself )

Halo Mike

I want routines like:delaunay triangulation for non convex planes (like pacman contours) and convex planes.
voronoi,essential is that can be used for finite element methods.
New include datatable can be used (ctx library edit data) for get out data from enclosed triangles in the
You find my code to make contours from delaunay triangulation. (must be possible)
I possibilty to export data to excel.
So will be possible build things like matlab (big share code) wth truebasic (low share of code).

I try something my self.(very old code long time a go must be optimezed for toolkit)

My apologize for my english


finite element method
data mesh generation:square mesh (right-angled) meshfin1.tru
draw a circle trough 3 points.date:11/2/2002 circum.tru
automatic mesh generation:delaunay(O[4)(version1). date:11/2/2002 delaunay4.tru
delaunay(O]4)(version1.3)convex hull+normal to boundary date:5/3/2002 dela4ms13nor.tru
!* version 1.0 delaunay CONTOUR(tri) 27/03/2002 * date:30/3/2002 tricontf1.tru
!* version 1.1 delaunay CONTOUR(tri) 29/03/2002 * date:30/3/2002 triconts.tru
!* version 1.3a delaunay CONTOUR(tri) (surface+normal,contour,view)! * date:02/04/2002 triconts2.tru
data file for some of the programs date:30/3/2002 testab.txt
Equilibrium of a Spring-Mass system :vectorial approach (beta version) date:08/10/2002 springm.txt
Equilibrium of a Spring-Mass system :vectorial approach (gausspp) date:13/10/2002 springgpp.txt

finite differences method
write down taylor approximations. date:11/2/2002 taylor1.tru
finite differences approximations at discrete points. date:31/8/2002 diffapprox1.tru
numerical methods for physics:alejandro l.garcia
graphical lib:truebasic used (gold edition)
finite differences :advection equation (aftcs version 1.0) date:27/10/2002 aftcs.tru
finite differences :diffusion equation (dftcs version 1.0) date:27/10/2002 dftcs.tru
sum of 3d matrix (code :Ernest Gundel,read data in 3d matrix) date:10/06/2003 sum3d.tru

What every thing people do here in the forum they never share codes only some code find from university
to be search by google.

re: posting code


I think most people are hesitant to post their code here on a semi-public forum.

However, I have a public site where all of my educational software is free for download


I would be willing to send you (or anyone else on this forum) the source code for individual programs. (warning--many of the programs run several thousand lines long). I manipulate a lot of graphics and do animations which may (or may not) be of interest.

Requests for source code should be addressed to: