How to checkout whole matrix(with use HSCROLL,VSCROLL BARS)

So you can check all entries of matrix from program below.

How modified code to do this.

LIBRARY "TrueCtrl.trc"
CALL TC_Win_Create (Wid,"TITLE|SIZE|CLOSE|VSCROLL", .1, .9, .6, .9)
CALL TC_Win_SetTitle (Wid,"Vertical Scroll Test")
CALL TC_Show (Wid)
CALL TC_Win_Active (Wid)
CALL TC_WIN_Target (Wid)
dim a(1,1)
mat redim a(100,100)
mat print a
CALL TC_Cleanup


re: view matrix

I'm going to throw out a few ideas here--not my expertise, but no one else has replied.

You might look at using TC_WINVSBAR_******** commands, but I suspect you will need to refresh your window by reprinting the matrix line by line with the range desired. This is pretty much what the True Basic Editor does (I think--it is Big John's baby) in that each line is a line in a text matrix and as one scrolls the lines are printed or reprinted to the screen.

One way I might approach what you want is to create a virtual (invisible) window in which the entire matrix fits, then use a scroll bar to pick out a slice of the big window to be displayed in your smaller window.

Anyway, I think the bottom line here is that YOU have to refresh the lines actually displayed in your window based either on the position of a scroll bar or some other means. Again--just me--but I'd display the first N lines of the matrix that fit in your window, then have a control to advance to the next N lines or back to the previous N lines. That method wouldn't necessarily use scroll bars.

So--having no personal experience with actually working with scroll bars, please take the above as pure speculation!