output window like other version (5.x) with menu file -> some option(print, copy,stop) in the example below.

because very complex to combine this in below code to make default" menu system" in every
"input" or "output" window.

reason : understand How works in event loop in combination with other task already avaible in some
code. (connection x1,x2 needed for menu systems)

Menu file -> print

How to implemented in every output window and input window (for this example without menu system in the code).


! DemVSBar

! This program creates and manipulates a vertical scroll bar

LIBRARY "TrueCtrl.trc"


! Get details for default output window.

CALL TC_Show (0) ! Use the default output window.
CALL TC_Win_Active (0) ! Move it to the front

PRINT "Press ESC to quit."

CALL TC_SBar_Create (cid, "VSCROLL", -99999, .95, .05, .95)

! The 0, 110, and 10 are more-or-less arbitrary.
! The SB thumb is at the top if position = 0.
! The SB thumb is at the bottom if position = 110 - 10 = 100.

CALL TC_Sbar_SetRange (cid, 0, 110, 10)
CALL TC_SBar_SetPosition (cid, 0) ! Default is 1

! The 1 for the single increment is typical.
! The 20 for the page increment is arbitrary.

CALL TC_Sbar_SetIncrements (cid, 1, 20)

! Report the scroll bar position.

CALL TC_SText_Create (tid, "0", .4, .5, .36, -99999)
CALL TC_GroupBox_Create (gbid, "Scroll Bar Setting", .30, .55, .35, .42)
LET prev = 0
CALL TC_Event (0, event$, wid, x1, x2)

CALL TC_Sbar_GetPosition (cid, position)
IF position <> prev then
CALL TC_SetText (tid, str$(position))
LET prev = position

IF event$ = "HIDE" then EXIT DO
IF event$ = "KEYPRESS" and x1 = 27 then EXIT DO


CALL TC_Cleanup


Thanks a lot

Support of any one who can solve this problem


re: requests


Let me address a couple things:

1) We know you don't really speak English, but that is making it difficult for people like me to understand exactly what you are asking.

2) What I am guessing is that you really want almost step by step guidance learning aspects of the language. This is really NOT what this forum is for. It has not been uncommon for students taking a class in computing to try and get the forum members to basically write their programs for them--but in most cases we have refused to go that far. What the forum really is about is helping with specific problems or maybe a really tricky programming problem, but not really general tutorial help--which means you probably won't find people here with that kind of time.

3) Having said the above, I think what you want to do is study the Demos more. Look at DEMMENUS for example--it will show you how to setup a menu. Then YOU should meld that program with the one above and work out any problems. THEN if you get stuck, you can come back here with specific questions--and they really do need to be specific. When something like the DEMVSBAR didn't work, that is a legitimate thing to bring to the forum--and we found a simple fix--but in general you should be working with the manual and the demos. There is also the book advertised on this web page--have not looked at it so don't know how good it might be (think I am a bit beyond this with almost 50 years of programming experience) but for $39 it might be worth looking at.