huge toolkit :how to run demo's (problem of "do" command in the new editor gold edition,v6.07)

How to work around the demo example from huge toolkit .

examples :DemE,DemHilb,DemMat,DemPrime.

I try several things to run the examples from above.How to use editor or inside command window to
start up the do programs so you can get result form the above demo programs.

(I get several errors always)

Thanks a lot.


re: huge toolkit

FIRST: There are many toolkits and libraries provided here that you may never need. My guess is that HUGE is one of these. Many of these date all the way back to the DOS versions of TrueBasic.

SECOND: There are PDF files provided to help you. There is one for Huge Arithmetic Toolkit located in the folder with the demos you are working with--view the folder with the 'all files' attribute, otherwise you will only see *.tru and *.trc files when viewed from the editor. Also search this site for answers--there are a couple entries if you search on 'huge'. Again, unless you need to manipulate huge numbers, this is a utility that has little practical application.


huge.tru does not have the correct form (according to the manual) to be a do program and will not run from the command line, but using DO from the editor menu does work ?? HOWEVER, for whatever reason I had to put HugeWork.trc in the same directory as the TBSYSTEM program for the Library call to work. It did not work in the TBLIBS folder (despite having the alias set) or the HUGE folder. This may relate somehow to the age of these programs, but I would recommend the PDF file if you really want to learn this (and other) applications.

So--put a copy of HUGEWORK.trc (from tblibs) in the main TB folder, run DO from the editor menu choosing HUGE.tru, then you should be able to run the demo programs.


"do huge.tru" doesn't work as specified above

according to instructions above.
Please test the proposed fix before speculating ...
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