This constitutes both a 'bug' report and a 'future request'.

Recent experience (see the many posts by Peter and my replies) suggests that some of the demos and example programs supplied with the True Basic package (version 6--any tone) may be flawed. Two examples:

The DEMVSBAR program required a switching of two lines to work. Logically the supplied program seemed correct but overlaying two text boxes didn't work as logic would suggest. ;-(

In trying to run some demos from the HUGE toolkit in the Utilities folder, for some reason the HugeWork.trc library file (which resides in tblibs) could not be found unless placed in the same directory as the TBSYSTEM program--despite having a working alias for LIBRARY programs to the tblibs folder. (Wouldn't work if placed in the Utilities folder either.)

One concern that I have is that most of the DEMOS and EXAMPLES (found in the pdf files scattered through the package) are old (maybe going back to DOS versions) but few may have been tested with any version 5.5x systems (current 5.5b19 being the default in version 6.x packages).

SUGGESTION TO THE TB POWERS THAT BE (WHICH MAY BE A VERY SMALL CADRE!): Hire a high-school student (on the cheap) to actually test all the demos and example programs being supplied with the current packages. I would test them first running the default system, but any that don't work then should be tried with version 5.31 to see if there is a problem with the newer system. Mark any programs that don't work. Then...up to those POWERS...either remove those demos/examples or attempt to fix them.

As seen with Peter's multiple posts (he obviously is trying to learn the language by going through the libraries/demos/examples) it is frustrating and discouraging to run into supplied demos that don't work. Fortunately I have had time to try and help on some of this, but am not up to fully rewriting some of the demo/examples. If I can find a simple fix--OK (even if I don't understand something like the folder placement of a library file)--but can't do much beyond.

SO--check the demos/examples and delete or fix those that don't work. I think this is important for the integrity of the product.



DEMOS that don't work

Hi Rick,

I am afraid we are back in the age old area of version 5.5b19 versus version 5.31 again.

I tried the DEMVSBAR demo with version 5.31 and it worked perfectly as is. I also tried it with version 5.5b19 and it failed to work.

I then tried it with version 6.007 and it worked perfectly with the TBsystem file from version 5.31 but failed with the TBsystem file from version 5.5b19.

I would guess that most if not all demos will work with version 5.31 (and version 6.007 with the correct TBsystem file). I would also guess that many of the TrueCTRL demos will not work with version 5.5b19.

I agree with you entirely that the demos should be pre-tested before being released. My fear is that many will not survive any tests with version 5.5b19.