How to use C code together with Truebasic.


Who can help to use Codeblocks ( opensource) to combine this with Truebasic (silver ,gold ed).

To bring in C code in truebasic (Why so that we can use other opensource library codes in truebasic).

? How to do this

Thanks a lot for help


re: C routines in TB

See Chapter 24 in the online manual for Version 6.

There are a few people here who know how to do this, but it is fairly complicated as you will see from the manual. The part that stumped me was the pointers and the fact that I only dabbled in C, way back when. The tbplysnd.c example is in the Toolkits, CSubs folder (at least the gold edition). The former system programmer for True Basic put this together on my request back several years ago as we were exploring a *.wav player for True Basic, but he did all the C stuff and it was never developed into a complete package. However, you will find the final touch FTOUCH program in that same folder.

What I think is really needed is a very simple C program and then a step by step set of instructions on getting that program to run as a TrueBasic subroutine. Anyone up for that?