This is a request for the Forum itself. Posts seem to automatically take out any leading spaces on lines. This prevents us from easily posting 'formatted' code which sometimes can illustrate coding problems--see recent post on such. there a control in the Forum Posting software that can be set or reset to allow the leading spaces?



Hmm that's right when we post

Hmm that's right when we post a comment we have to see in the preview section. It shows that what it look like after posting.
rainbowriches betfred

Comment/post formatting

Thanks for bringing this up. When you post or comment, above the "Preview" button you should see an "Input Format" dropdown. This allows you to change the format of your comment/post text, but it is somewhat limited to variants of HTML and PHP code. There is also a link at the bottom of the Input Format section to "More information about formatting options," this might help answer your questions or guide you toward some solutions.

In the meantime, I will check out any extensions that might be available for Drupal (our CMS) that could enable this functionality.

re:HTML tags

It would seem the tag is what is supposed to work, but I don't know how to transfer code to the reply box in HTML form and add the tag. I tried copying code and adding to the beginning and end but that didn't preserve the formatting. Also tried putting the code into WORD and saving as HTML before copying here, but that didn't work. Would appreciate it if anyone figures this out and can post instructions.


Ahmen to Forum Post Formatting by rtarara

With all the emphasis on "structured programming" and with TB's "DO FORMAT" feature, one would think that this forum, which is the closest thing to "Tech Support" there is, would at LEAST allow CODE to be presented in an appropriate form. What earthly reason is there to strip leading spaces and thus destroy all readability of "structured,formatted" posted code???