TB 5.5 Gold instal

Just purchased TB 5.5 Gold electronic version. There is no set up file or any exe file in the folder. I see no way of installing the product. Could anybody please advise.



TB Gold 5.5 no .exe

I just purchased the download version of True Basic Gold 5.5. When I unpacked the .zip I could not locate the True Basic executable. I have searched via Windows Explorer and by looking in each folder myself and it is not there. Thus, I see no way to run the True Basic 5.5. I could use some advice on how to deal with this. Am I missing where the executable is located or was it not supplied with the download?

We worked with David to

We worked with David to resolve this issue and he's now happily running TB Gold.

TB Gold 5.5

Think I'll jump in here - I never got a clear answer to this myself. I have 5.42 (I think) and 5.5. 5.5 doesn't have any install files. At one time, I just copied the 5.5 exec file over 5.42. This might have caused some of my printer problems.

So, what is the correct installation process for 5.5?

Ron Irvine
Charleston, SC

PS: My programs written under 5.5 ran differently under 5.42 but would print - However, it was a bit discouraging that the screen addressing was different.


I should have posted this night but forgot. The issue has indeed been resolved and I am more than happy with the level of support I recieved. I would like to thank the support team for their time and patience, something that I need a bit more of, and the developers of True Basic for an excellent product.

Dave Rush

Dear David, Thanks for your

Dear David,

Thanks for your kind words.


Peter Nikolaidis