TB Bronze on Intel MAC running Parallels?

Hello everyone,

I'm a school teacher and will be teaching Comp. Programming in a couple weeks. Our current curriculum tells us to use TrueBASIC bronze for Comp. Programming I.

I'm currently on a Mac and that's all I use at home. However, we do have PCs at the school lab.

My question is: Does TrueBASIC Bronze run on an Intel iMac running Parallels? I'd be using XP as the operating system in Parallels (which is the same operating system at school as well). I ask this because I'd like to prepare files here at my house instead of always at the school.

Also, any fun tips for class are greatly appreciated! :)


TB on Intel Mac with Parallels


Please see the FAQ: http://truebasic.com/faq#6


Peter Nikolaidis