How works system command for Dos prompt (white window).


I find out from new documentation that you can get white window for the dos prompt.
How to get this white window. procedure (gold ed v6.07)

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Updated CHAIN Function Documentation Download
This update details the operation of the CHAIN function - replaces earlier documentation.



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"The CHAIN statement stops the current program and starts up the program in
the file named in strex. If the target program is not accessible, an exception does
NOT occur. Instead a black DOS type SYSTEM COMMAND window opens with
a white default OUTPUT window and True BASIC crashes. To avoid this
happening you are advised to first check that strex exists BEFORE attempting to
CHAIN to it."

You are misinterpreting what this says. What it is describing is that if the CHAIN command is improperly used, you will FIRST see the normal black DOS window open then the Default TRUE BASIC white output window opens and then True Basic crashes. It is NOT saying that a white DOS window opens. As stated in another reply, it may be possible to create a white DOS window but not with True Basic commands or tools.


White DOS window

I know you can change the DOS command window using API calls but if you want a white window why not just use the standard True Basic output window?


Please reference your source or copy the appropriate information into a post here. I don't even know where to start to look to help you.