As a result of several tests I can confirm that Chain to programs and Chain to Windows Apps both work on all Windows operating sytsems from Win 95 up to Vista.

As a result of these tests it has come to my notice that when chaining to executable program files created by TrueBASIC versions prior to Version 5.5b19 it is necessary to install the appropriate DLL files otherwise these programs will not run. This includes the FORMS program under the HELP menu. At present the New editor (5.603) "package" does not include the DLL files for FORMS. In future releases of the New editor, the DLL files for both Silver and Gold versions will be included in the package. This will ensure that executable programs created by earlier versions of TrueBASIC will continue to run.

Programs created by the New editor do not need DLL files. These files are only required by executable programs created by older versions of TrueBASIC. Source programs can still be run with the New editor without DLL files. Although some old DOS executable programs may run under Windows XP and VISTA you cannot rely on this because XP and VISTA only have a cut down version of DOS available to the user.

Big John