Memory usage under window 7 with TB 5.31

I just added ASK FREE MEMORY to a program which keeps getting Out Of Memory errors. My PC says it has 2.75 GB of usable ram. While the program runs -- and just before it explodes -- it reports roughly 2 GIGAbytes of "free memory" but then it dies with an Out Of Memory error. It occurs at lines in various parts of the program, depending on the current experiment. Can anyone tell me what's going on here?


re: memory usage

Is the Out of Memory notice a True Basic error or a Windows error?

Check Appendix G in the manual for True Basic limitations--and notice the operating systems listed! Many of these limits are left over from DOS and nothing has been updated from what you'll see there, so be sure your program doesn't exceed any of these.

The one I've run into in the past is having the program simply get too big with 64K compiled the limit left over from DOS. The solution there is to break up the program into MODULES--you can have as many as needed. Also in the manual, page 525 explains the True Basic Out of Memory error and makes some suggestions that may or may not be applicable--but check anyway.

Apart from that, can you cut down your program to something small that still triggers the memory error so that you could post it here. Seeing if other get the error or maybe being able to spot the problem requires some code.


I am experimenting with

I am experimenting with analyzing TRC files in a hex editor and I strongly believe the 64 KB limit is a limit of the current version of the TRC format itself.

PS: I did not realize I was answering a 3 year old topic ;)