Saving a file to a dvd or flash drive

In my earlier version of True Basic I was able to save a file to a DVD with the command:
open #5: NAME "D;exp$",ACCESS outin, CREATE newold
My present Silver version of True Basic won't allow it. Any suggestions?


Saving files


In order to save a file to a CD-RW you should use SAVE AS under the FILE menu. This option provides you with a browse window that enables you to find the drive where the CD is located. All you have to do is provide an appropriate filename.

re:save file

Bruce and John,

I think Bruce is looking at saving a file from within a program, not from the editor. However, to access the kind of menu that John is referring to, you want to use

CALL td_savefile("",FILENAME$)

(see manual for details)

You need the True Dials library for this, but this will give you the ability to search for the media that you want to save to (like in John's Save As) and from there the rest of the normal save file commands should work. I use this regularly to save to thumb drives and to network drives. Have not tested it on CD/DVD/BlueRay discs.