When I use
local n
let n=int(4.01)
then DIM x(n)
TB 5.41 returns n must be an integer. n should be an integer.

What am I doing wrong ?

Bob Brannock



Hi Bob,

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re: dim and int

Not sure why this is the case, but you need to dimension your array normally first, then you can redimension it with your statements.

local n, x(2)
let n = int(4.01)
mat redim x(n)
let x(3) = 5
print x(3)

This works (added the test to be sure the array had actually been redimensioned.) If I remember correctly, you always need to do this if you are setting dimensions through a variable. The initial dimensioning is just a dummy value. So even if you had said let n = 4 and then dim x(n) it wouldn't work. So the bottom line is to set an initial dummy dimension statement and then the MAT REDIM using the variable.


Thank you

Thank you Master Physics Prof. Works great. I always enjoy your comments and BigJohn's also. I like your website also.

Bob B.