Copy or print the output screen

How can I copy or/and print the output screen in TB 6.006? In the 5-generation there is the very handy drop-down menu in the upper left corner, but in 6.006 I have found no other way than pressing Prt SCr, which copies all the junk around the screen itself, or using a separate screen grabber, which is not so handy, either. I have tried to read the manual, but so far nothing has come up to help.
Grateful for assitance,
Folke Stenman


re:print output screen

To print an output screen from within a program use:

LIBRARY "truectrl.trc"


The pagesetup will give you a menu to choose a connected printer, etc. and the tc_win_print will print the current output screen. You can send the output to an invisible screen and print it if you want, just setup a second screen using tc_win_create (see manual). The True Controls library is the key to 'more' modern use of Windows features.

From the editor, use Print and List in the menu. You can PRINT a highlighted portion or LIST the entire program.

If neither of these are what you want to do, please clarify.