Drag and drop filespec to a window

Is there a way to drag and drop a filespec to a window?

Microsoft Word allows right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer and dragging it to an open document. Then it provides a "create hyperlink here" option.

Is there a way to drag a file from Windows Explorer to a True BASIC window, where True BASIC would recognize the file name as input?

I realize something similar might be done with the "Open File" dialog, or at start-up with the PROGRAM statement. But I would like my program to accept multiple file names via drag-and-drop while a text-editing window is open.


Drag & drop to a window/Txed control

To be frank, I've never explored this possibility. I don't know if it can be done or not, but I will have a look to see what happens. It could be a nice feature to have. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


re:drag & drop

Big John is the person who can answer this definitively, but I see nothing in the Gold manual about dragging and dropping other than for the fact that one CAN drag a *.tru file onto tbeditor.exe and it will open the file. The only other references for drag & drop are in the FORMS add-on where you drag and drop icons to build an interface. Dragging a file into a Window open within a True Basic program doesn't seem to be supported explicitly, but again John may have a way around this. You can read directories and open files (of the appropriate types) from within a True Basic program, but I suspect you can't do what I interpret your desire to be. If that is the case, you might want to add this feature to the Version 7 request list.


Drag and Drop

If you go to John's site and download his TBXview image viewer you will see an example of dragging images to a window. This may help you. www.bigjohnarscott.com