is there a way to import sounds into true basic? music for example



no one is saying nething, so if u cant import sounds, can someone atleast say that?

"importing" sounds

Sorry, that's one area where TB is totally lacking. The best one can do is to get the system speaker to beep at specific frequencies for specific durations. If you have the manuals, see the "SOUND" and "PLAY" statements. The "SOUND" statement works like this:

sound 440, 1.25 ! where 440 is the beep frequency in Hertz and
! 1.25 is the duration of the beep in seconds.

The play statement is a little more complicated but gives essentially the same result. All very primitive. And, on some motherboards, depending on the system speaker, these won't even work correctly.
If you're looking to play midi, wave, or mp3's in the background, forget it. The best you can hope for there is to "CHAIN" off to some other application which will play the music.
I believe the Gold version purports to be able to access the windows dlls which control the sound board, but you have to be able to program in C to use this feature.

Mike C.

"importing sounds"

Yes, Gold does let you call DLLs but no, you don't need to know C to use them. There are a few books out such as "Visual Basic Programmers Guide to the Win32 API" that show how to use DLL calls from a BASIC program. Of course the method of defining the BASIC-DLL link is different in Gold but once defined, you call the DLL functions the same way.


thnx for the help