windows 7 association of .TRU to TB Silver

My Windows 7 machine has had the TB Silver application associated with the extension .TRU for quite a while. After a momentary power outage last night,the association is GONE. I've tried all of the tricks I know to reassociate things (short of editing the Registry). I can tie it to the TB System file - but I want to go to the editor. Windows 7 refuses to see that as an applications program, I suppose - it refuses to link things together. And Windows pros out there? Help! (version 5.31)


Additional suggestions

If Rick's suggested approach doesn't solve the problem, you might try moving the installation folder to a location other than the C:\Program Files (x86) directory, if that's where you currently have it saved. Windows Vista/7/8 is very particular about how user permissions behave in that directory, but the D:\ (data) partition is generally safe. Conflicts with the user account control settings on the Program Files directories cause a wide array of strange errors and issues.

Additionally, I am puzzled to hear that you did have 5.31 running on 64-bit Windows, since it's not believed to be compatible. Thus, if you can't get it running, you may have to make the minor upgrade jump to 5.5. If this becomes necessary, email us and I will set that up for you ( at a discount.

re: file association

I will just relate what I just did on a Win 7 machine that seemed to work. Initially I couldn't even find the .tru extension in the default program settings under control panel so I:

1) Found a *.tru program and right clicked and chose properties.

2) Under the general tab, OPENS WITH chose CHANGE.

3) Browsed for the TBEDITOR.exe file, clicked on it which added it to the displayed choices. Highlighted the TBEDITOR.exe and then APPLY.

4) Once I did that, other *.tru programs seem to be associated with the editor as well. Went back to the control panel/default programs and now the .tru extension was there with the editor association.

Hope this helps.