Cannot close, cannot save, cannot load programs

I am running TB 6.007 on a Dell Optiplex 745 running Win XP Pro.

When I try to close the last program run (which loads automatically at the beginning of a new session), I get a message "invalid window id, menu, or item combination."

If I click on the blank space icon, I get what appears to be an empty file to work with. When I then try to load an existing program, I get "There are no more free program spaces available. You must close an existing program before you can open a new file."

When I have had a program in development, I usually cannot save it. I have been copying the code into a word processor and saving it as a text file, but this is not very satisfactory.

How do I get this program to work for me, rather than me work for it?


re: Cannot close

Look at the thread OLD BUG BACK IN 6.07