Possible to use compiler in a different text editor?


I have tried to assign the compiler of True Basic 6.007 gold edition compiler to a different text editor (sublime text) that I use, it did not work? I tried various other .exe files in the folder and they did not work, am I using the wrong .exe file or is this just not possible to do?



Try running tbsystem.exe.

If that doesn't work you can always drop your prepared source file into the TBEDITOR to compile and or test it.


Many thanks that worked, just

Many thanks that worked, just wanted this because sometimes I just like to work in one text editor especially when a thought or idea comes to mind. From this I have concluded using the official TrueBASIC code editor is better for obvious reasons. This ain't nothing special but some may find this very simple build system (it is really simple nothing special) that I created for Sublime Text 3 beneficial so I thought I would post what I did here for others to use.

The build system is here:


Because it does not keep the window open unless you code it to wait for a key or something (I am new to this language) I used this code from a tutorial:


Also when running in Sublime text it will give you a dialog box with choices of 'Run' 'Compile' 'Bind' 'Cancel'

Overall although I am a beginner at this language hope you find this contribution useful.