Default program association for *.tru files

I reinstalled TB 6 under Wimdows 7 in a separate folder according to advice from Big John. Now, I cannot associate *.tru files to TBEDITOR.exe. They go to Adobe reader or canvas X or TBEDCOMPILE.EXE. When I try to associate with TBEDITOR.EXE, the list of possible applications does not recognize tbeditor.exe, and I cannot remove the three aforemetioned programs from that list. I can open *.tru files from inside the True BASIC program, but I would like to have them opened just by clicking the icon, like before.
I am using a Finnish version of Windows 7. Could that be the problem?
Hoping for help,
Folke Stenman


Cannot link .tru to True Basic program in Windows 10

Windows 10 cannot link file extension .tru to the True Basic program. The extension is not listed among the file extensions. How can I put the extension on the list?

File association

I use windows 10 and have no problem. I double clicked on the .tru file and then when windows shows the dialog asking which program to use to open it I just opted for the search computer option, navigated to the True Basic editor and selected it. The file association is still there even after a restart. I just double click the .tru file and it opens in the editor.


.tru files

I have TB installed in a separate folder in C drive and have no problems with the file association. I right clicked a .tru file icon in windows explorer, selected properties and then changed the file association to TBeditor. I double click to open the files without any problem, even after a restart the association still sticks.
I am using windows 7

File association problems- again

Hello Dave (or anyone else who can help!),
I moved True BASIC 6 to another computer and lost the file association again. I installed it in a separate folder True BASIC on drive C. The program opens OK from the start menu and I can open *.tru files from within the program, but clicking the file icon in Explore kicks me into Adobe reader or CAnvas or something else, but your trick above (which helped on the previous computer) does not work any more. Changing the association does not work. Any ideas?
Folke Stenman

Default program association for *.tru files

Hello Dave
Thanks for your kind answwer! Forgot to answer, as I temporarily moved averything to another computer. Your recipe worked and everything is OK.
Best regards,