Subscript out of bounds error

I have written several programs in Trtue Basic Silver version 5.5 ( in Word) . For all of these programs
I receive the same error message: "Subscript out of bounds occurred on line 91 in main program."

It clearly doesn't matter what the program is, or what is on line 91, since I have replaced whatever was on or near 91 with rem statements.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is happening here? Again, I want to emphasize that the error message is "program independent" ; it doesn't matter what program I run.

If this is not a common occurrence with a known solution, is there some BASIC "headquarters" I can contact for registration of this problem?

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Subscript out of bounds error

Hi Tony,

The only place to get help is via this forum. I have been using TB for many many years and have never heard of this sort of problem. In all versions the underlying core code is always the same, so this problem is probably not 'version' related. The core of TB is quite robust; it was invented some 50 years ago at Dartmouth and was just about the first usable programming language there ever was. Over the years, in the move from DOS to MS Windows some quirks have crept in here and there. But the core code of TB has never been changed because the source code is no longer available. It apparently was committed to machine language or something at the very outset, and now no one knows what's in there! While there are some old "DOS" limitations still present in the core code, it is usually the add-on Windows features which cause problems, in my experience. I have never seen an actual "bug" in TB itself.

The first thing to note is that TB files are in reality just plain ASCII text files. Open any TB program in a text editor and there it is. Usually one uses the '.tru' extension but a plain '.txt' file will work just as well. If you are using MS Word your file might contain all sorts of MS formatting codes and stuff which may be causing the problem.

Try writing your program and just save it as a .txt file. You should be able to save it as such from MS Word. Or just use a plain text editor, such as Notepad, Word pad, etc. (or better yet, EditPad Lite or any of the other good free text editors). Then see if the problem goes away.

If there is still a problem, email me the offending code as plain text and I will take a look at it.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Mike C.