Non-existent error 3001

TB 6 Silver sometimes he follwing error message:
Division by zero [3001]
Occurred at 55 in Indata in Main program
Called from 155 in Main program

This error message cannot be removed. I have deleted both the offending rows but the same message stills pops up. I did have a division by zero in a different position and removed that by deleting an entirely other row. The error message just jumped to another line without any text in it:

Dision by zero [3001]
Occurred at 204 in the main program

I tried to save the code as a .txt-file and changing the suffix to tru, but that did not help. The same error persisted. Deleting all text on the offending lines does not help, either. WIndows 7 Professional, English.

Anybody who has solution? This quirk destroyed a 1500 line program!

Another problem: Why have you removed the option of activating text by clicking at both ends of the selection? Copying by dragging the cursor is now the only way of doing it and that takes ages.



re: division by zero error

I doubt this is a bug. I suspect you still have a division by zero that you are not identifying. The bug is that the editor doesn't always report the correct line numbers after an execution error. I would put in some PRINT statements--maybe printing out intermediate results to find exactly where the program is hanging. Then look more carefully at the code there to see what is causing the error.


division by zero error

I have tried to put an !in front of any possible offending program line and replace it with a hard-coded number. No help from that. 5.5. or 5.603 never showed that problem! Line numbers came out exactly right and the error message was always sensible. I shall try PRINT statements to see if tehy could reveal something.