Update 6.007 does not work

I try to install update 6.007. It refuses to be installed. Windows 7 SP1. How should I do it properly?
Folke Stenman


Update 6.007 on newer Win computer

Okay I just bought the upgrade today (2017...lol). Previously had the 5.5 version

So the problem you had 2 years ago is due to changes in directory permissions allowed files.
It should install in C:\Program Files (X86). And it will do that...but the MSI install file hangs on installation and seems to never finish installing.. This leads you to believe that it is NOT Installed! And this will count as your one install download file from your TB account.
If you try to run the MSI Install file again, it will only go to "REPAIR" install option. And this will not work, because WIN 7, 8, and 10 do not work with the ancient MSI "Repair" code found in the install file.

A better location would be to install it in the root directory C:\

after the "Repair" Install tries to run- exit from the app, look in your C:\Program Files (X86).
Copy the entire "TrueBASIC BRONZE v6" directory and paste it to your Root directory C:\ or even your Documents folder or a USB drive. The program can work from the copy just fine. The help document opens from the web, I printed the summary of commands only for reference. If the "Let's Program It...In True Basic" book was available as a PDF we could then paste sample code directly from that into the TB editor.