print using error

I left out the comma in a PRINT #9 USING statement which was caught at run time. I corrected the line but once I saved my program I started receiving an 'Unimplemented bif' error at run time.

I can copy the program into TBEditor from Notepad and run it successfully. However as soon as I save it as a .TRU file the error reappears. I tried re-installing TB (v6.007) but that didn't help. Seems like I've changed some setting in TBEditor that I can't reset.


file numbering error for go to statement

I have trubasic version 6,when I try to use the command to number the side of my screen it says that this isn't in this version. I thought that trubasic v6 was the best in the trubasic
world right now. If its not it should still support it right?

error in file persists

You might have to save your program under a different name rather than saving the modified version under the same name. I have noticed that when using the same file name, and writing over the top of existing data does not always erase all of the existing data. According to the manual writing to a text file should erase the existing data, but I am not sure that it does. The safe way is to use another file name.