New MSI installer package

To simplify installation and address the long-standing issues with installing and running v6 on user accounts without administrator privileges, we've just released v6.007 with a new MSI installer package (Microsoft installer, replaces the original setup.exe format) across all editions, including the v6 demo. This will upgrade and streamline the installation process for all users and give greater control for us over future enhancements as needed.

Please note that this installer now runs custom scripts to set permissions for TB in its installation directory. Some highly tuned antivirus software may generate error messages or block installation as a result. Please let us know if you experience any such issues during installation and we can help sort it out.

Last, this installer has been tested in Windows 10 as well as 7, 8, and 8.1. Please report any issues to us at


msi installer package has some auth problem dll needed in wine

Trying to install tb_bronze_6007_setup.msi

wine msiexec /i tb_bronze_6007_setup.msi
wine start tb_bronze_6007_setup.msi

Starts and looks like its installing, console gets auth errors trying to update the registry, there is an error about not finding MFC42u.DLL, then the installer says the installation terminated prematurely due to some error.


please help

PS. TrueBASIC legacy (1993) is running great in my DOS in a BOX ! thanks!

[SOLVED] TB_Bronze_6007 is installed and running... yay

I handled the MFC42u.DLL error with the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

winetricks dlls mfc42

note: if winetricks is not installed then use :

sudo apt install winetricks

I then verified the mfc42 dll with :

winetricks dlls list |grep mfc42

I am running TB Bronze 6007 in Wine on Linux Mint (ubuntu|debian) and was not able to get the installer msi package to work until I temporarily made my home user Administrator; sudo would not work, actually opened users and groups and set the type of user to Administrator. (dumb)

Also used :

wine winecfg

... to set the win version to Windows 7; using Windows 10 for all exe's now that the installer has worked.

I am experiencing some small "quirkiness" (nothing to worry about now) using the editor ... between editing and running|compiling; one or two quick flashing screens and then I get the "active" running panel (white) behind the editor (!) so that I have to actually click the white panel or minimize the editor and then click the white panel to be able to do key entry. Input numbers seem stretched a bit and the panel is by default way too large. I don't see a good way to scale that back somewhat in the settings; oh well.

I am actually absolutely flabbergasted that this app even runs in Wine ! ... hat is off to both the Wine team and the TrueBASIC team.

... looking forward to many hours of enjoyment with True BASIC in Wine.