BigJohn back online

Hi everybody,
I have been busy this year with family matters - multiple trips to Italy and Dubai. At the end of January one of my daughter's is getting married in Thailand, but after that my diary is clear so I should be available to answer questions. Regards BigJohn.


TrueBASIC as a portability tool

Hi BigJohn,

Nice to see you back.

TrueBASIC is the portability tool of choice in which to program complex projects because it is so easily read and translated to other strongly typed languages such as Ada95. For example, we include TrueBASIC source code in our software patents because it is the easiest language in which to "teach the patent".

I have a demo model checker for alethic logic (modal logic) for the variable literals of four propositions {pqrs} and four theorems {ABCD}. It relies on our variant VL4 of Lukasiewicz' four-valued logic where we correct its problems.

We show the K distribution axiom "necessarily (A implies B) implies ..." implies nothing and hence is invalid in logic S5. We publish a _minimal_ set of 32-axioms for S5. No one else has done these things before, and it's all in TrueBASIC.

In our production version of the checker, the TrueBASIC environment supports up to 24-propositions and 12-theorems, without the endless delays in processing of the online modal theorem provers as dissertation projects.

What follows is that we can map any major logic system in use with our VL4.

Professor Kurtz may be interested in this for some of his "continuing" students, as am I as one of the first 500 to learn Dartmouth BASIC in 1964.

Best regards,

Colin James III
Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC

Best wishes

Best wishes to your daughter on her upcoming marriage!

Mike C.


Big John,
I am delighted to see you back. I am not mentally able to program much any more but still enjoy the forum and True Basic web site.