Maximum size of one-diensional arrays

I am running Silver v6 under Windows 7 64-bit with 8Gb of RAM on board. The OS tells me 11.7 Gb of RAM is usable. I wish to have the maximum possible size of 1-dimensional array and the manual states that TRUbasic can use all the memory available. However if I try to use a 1-d array greater than about 222,000,000, I get error 5000 "out of memory". With 11.7 Gb usable this should not happen. Is there a hidden restriction within TRUbasic and if so can it be removed?


Re: Maximum size of one-diensional arrays

Since TB is a 32-bit program, a single program can only use 4GB. It was written when 4GB was all a PC could hold so it could use all the available memory of the machine back then.

I could be wrong, but I

I could be wrong, but I thought a standard 32 bit win32 app can take up to 2GB of memory.

Will look into it.

Max 32-bit mem

3496 MB is what my 32-bit maxed out Windows 7 PC's say in task manager. I forget what the reason is.