Any Chemical Engineers here?

I've been looking at True BASIC for over a year now and decided to finally pull the trigger and try using it for some small problems. I first learned about it through the book, "Computational Chemistry, An Introduction" and now I've found a website where a chemical engineer has posted hundreds of solutions to problems in our field.

Is that guy here? Are there any other engineers who use True Basic here? I would love to read more books that use True BASIC for their example code.


Chem Eng

Sadly the interest in truebasic has declined since the 1990s. The guy who who knows most of the history is called Chris Sweeney, but he left the company around 2005 (I think). By 2000 I had written a Windows look-alike that worked with the original DOS version of TB. Then along came Windows XP which didn't have a true DOS foundation. By that time TB launched version 5 so I re-wrote the DOS look-alike to work with version 5. This library was called TBX - a bit like TrueCtrl but with more objects and wider control. I wrote a whole bunch of commercial programs using this library - a lot for the education sector ( I was schools inspector at the time) and later some medical software. My eyesight is failing (gradually) so I am writing some software to help me in the years to come. I spend most of my time writing novels while I can still see (12 so far - all on Amazon under the name J. Randolf Scott). Blindness and deafness don't go well together, but age eventually catches up with us all.
Regards, BigJohn

Chemical Engineers

Hi folks,

I am a Chemical Engineer (graduated 1961), but now retired. The company that I worked for sent me on a programming course in 1962 and I have been writing programs ever since. Mind you, the computer was as big as a house but only had 16K RAM. It didn't even have a keyboard - just a punched tape, so programs were written by hand with pen and paper and then sent by mail to a separate office for transfer to punched tape. Today's generation don't even know the meaning of tough!
Sadly, TrueBasic has not been very good at preserving source codes for posterity. This made things extremely difficult when I attempted to improve version 5.31. In the end, because so much source code was missing, I had to start from scratch when writing version six. The end result is not particularly elegant and has a clumsy method of engaging the compiler and interpreter.

Regards, BigJohn

Nice to meet you.

Yeah I somehow found out you were a Chem. Eng. while reading your book. I don't do any Chem. Eng. work either. I'm an electrical test engineer who writes and runs a lot of LabView software now.