STOP does not work under System 7-Bronzev6

My program has several PRINT statements that output results followed by a STOP and an END. The results are never shown on the screen and the program stops. If a breakpoint is inserted at the STOP the results are shown. This program runs as expected on a Mac with a 20 year old version of TB.


STOP does not work...

Hi Jerry,

Try adding "GET KEY Z" just before a STOP or before the END statement. You normally don't need a STOP statement. GET KEY Z will pause the program until you press some key. That way you can view the PRINTed stuff. You can place GET KEY statements after each PRINT statement if you wish to pause and view each one as you go along.

Another frequently useful feature is the undocumented "CALL winfo("dialog","blah blah)" which will cause a pop-up to display whatever "blah blah" is, and then vanish upon the next key press. I use a simple function based on winfo so all I have to type is CALL pop("blah blah").

Hope this helps
Regard, Mike C.

Thank you for the reminder of

Thank you for the reminder of the undocumented winfo procedure call.

Never understood why this feature was not added to the official language. Most GUI-based BASIC languages, that I know or have used, have a MSGBOX-alike function like this.