Promoting True BASIC on RosettaCode


I just purchased True BASIC Bronze edition last week and I'm enjoying using the langauge for solving Project Euler problems. I looked for more code examples on RosettaCode to help speed up my learning curve and was surprised that nobody had entered any. So I'm adding as many as I can. So far I answered the 100 doors and hello world task. Let's see what else I can get done in my lunch hour today.

It would be nice if this helps promote the clean syntax of True BASIC. I like using the language for small tasks at work as well, but the editor seems to miss events when I'm using it over remote desktop. So I've been using TextPad as my editor now and calling tbsystem.exe with a TextPad macro.

Anyways here's the True BASIC page I'm working on in RosettaCode. Feel free to contribute and help make True BASIC awesome!



Just added the 99 bottles of beer example.