Is the 5.x editor more stable than 6.x?

Hi all,
Now I'm wondering if the 5.x version of TBEDITOR.EXE is more stable on Windows 7-10 x64 than my 6.x version. Does anybody use both versions on modern Windows?



TB 5.5 and 5.33 on 64 bit Win 7

I have Silver 5.33 and Gold 5.5b19 and both run without any problems on all the 32 and 64 bit systems I have/have had. I tried the Bronze demo ver 6 a while back and didn't have any problems with that either. I didn't see any advantage with the version 6. The only difference is the Editor.

The only problem with the 5.5b19 that I've had is that it will NOT set certain fonts. The 5.33 will set any font I've tried.

The ONLY advantage the 5.5 had over the 5.3 is that you are not required to have the dll's. The font issue negates this advantage as far as I'm concerned.

I don't care much for the TB editor in any of them. I always use "EditPAD lite" or sometimes "NotePad ++" to edit with. Then I just keep the TB editor and the Text editor open, edit in text editor and run in TB editor. The TB editor locates the line numbers of any problems. The text editors show line numbers so it's very easy and quick to fix. Then save the modified file with the text editor, reopen it in the TB editor and run. Been doing this for years. Quick and simple.

Never had a single problem with "installing" TB on any PC. All I ever did was just copy the EXEs and all the tblibs, dlls, and whatever else there was on the discs, into some convenient folder, and operate from there. Flash drive, external SSD, HD, floppy disc, ZIP disc, all work. Did that with the TB version 3.0 which I still have. (and its manual, a very nice manual at that.) The old TB "hello" will run if your computer will run a DOS program. I can still do that on my old W98 machines.

It's a shame the core code of TB can't be worked on; it would be great if some more modern features could be incorporated. On the other hand, maybe it's better to just leave it alone lest someone screw it up messing with it.

Mike C.

The editor

Hi folks,

I too have a working copy of version 3.04 - the DOS version. In many ways it was the dream version: very robust and reliable, and it had a very solid editor that actually worked. Since then things have gone downhill, although version 5.31 is probably the best of the "windows" versions. Version 5.5b19 was supposed to be an improvement because it didn't need any DLL files, but in other respects it is plagued with bugs of all sorts. I never use it for this reason. I still prefer version 5.31 even though it has length of filenames issues. I have used it on virtually all versions of Windows from Win95, Win2000, WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10. I have also used it successfully on a touch screen tablet under Windows 8.

I liked the DOS version so much that I even wrote a simulation for TrueCtrl and Truedial for DOS, which I still use in Windows. Indeed many of the features in the Version 6 editor are based on this simulation.

The instability of version 6 stems from the fact that the editor itself does not contain the compiler and interpreter (as earlier versions did). In order to compile and run programs, the version 6 editor has to chain to TBsysten.exe. The problem here is that the chain statement is prone to bugs - mainly its inability to cope with spaces and long filenames. The version six editor also has to cope with adding bug fixes in the form of several lines of extra code that has to be inserted in the user's source code before it can be compiled and run. One final problem is that the version six editor cannot stop a program from running - such as a never ending loop. In this case it has to resort to running Task Manager to kill a program. This is always a problem if you are developing an application and you test run your source several times. It is quite possible to have multiple copies of your program running simultaneously, simply because each copy had not been fully terminated.

Regards, BigJohn

That's what I've been doing too!

Yup same here. I love using TextPad for quick scripts and setting it up for True BASIC was easy. I just use TBEditor to run the debugger.

So, you do not run the TB

So, you do not run the TB editor to run the program (when nog debugging, I mean)?
How do you start your program, then?

I know tbsystem.exe can be used, but I had some trouble with it. It apparently has to be told where to find the standard libraries and I don't know how to do that.

Calling TBSYSTEM.EXE via TextPad

So with TextPad you go to Configure->Preferences
Then in Tools you click Add->Program and give it this path:

Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\TrueBASIC BRONZE v6\tbsystem.exe
Parameters: -I $File
Folder: $FileDir

And voila! I have whatever I am editing in TextPad run in True BASIC Bronze 6.007.
And if you want to compile you run Parameters: -C $File
And if you can bind (I can't with Bronze) Parameters: -B $File

I have syntax highlighting and a custom keyboard shortcut for running my programs too. I really like TextPad. I have a similar setup for Perl, Java, Markdown, JScript, CBM-Basic, and Euphoria.

Using text editor and TB system

Hi vvdleum,

I never was able to get a text editor and TBsystem to work together either. TextPAD and Crimson both had that feature, and maybe others. But I just keep the text editor and the TB editor open at the same time. and then do as I described above. Very reliable.


Mike C.

V5.5 stability

5.5 is 32-bit software thus you will certainly have issues on an x64 system with it (not compatible at all with Windows 10); however, you can download a demo and give it a try:

Can you provide some more detail about stability issues you've having with v6? There might be ways to address them.

5.5 is 32-bit software WILL NOT run on 64bit OS

I beg to differ. I have never had any trouble running TB silver 5.33 or Gold 5.5b19 on either a 32 or 64 bit machine. You just copy all the TB files to some folder on ANY drive whatsoever and just double click "tbsilver.EXE" or "tbgold.EXE" to run it. I have never had any "install" problems because there isn't really anything to "install". As far as I can see it's totally "portable" on a Windows machine. To me that's one of the many strong points of TB.

Mike C.

More details

I did post my initial problems with TBEditor in the 6.x Discussion board. TBEditor.exe keeps bugging out on me

My stability problems

I'm still recording the details of what causes my TBEditor to crash, but if the keyboard event loss was worse in version 5.5 then I'll stick to 6 ha ha! That one really bugs me in version 6. It seems worse when I use the editor through remote desktop.

I hope the current owners of

I hope the current owners of TB are not losing interest. While they are not obligated to reply to forum posts or e-mails, my e-mails to support have also been ignored for more than a week. To show my support to their work, I have recently upgraded my Silver edition to the Gold edition.

Since I have misplaced my TB Bronze 5.5 installation files, I can't install this version on my current system. But, from what I remember, the version 5 editor lost a lot of keystrokes when typing even moderately fast ("so ths bug wld rsult in brken lnes lke tis"). I assume (but have no inside information), this was one of the problems that prompted John to start working on the V6 editor from scratch.

Version 5.5

Hi, The best edition of version 5 was 5.31 in my opinion. It was vastly superior in many ways. The only advantage in version 5.5b19 was that it didn't need to work with DLL files like previous versions. However, version 5.5b19 is plagued with tedious minor bugs - try using the "ctrl" key and you will discover a whole bunch of problems. This is only one of many issues. While writing the editor for version 6, my initial intention was to use the source code from 5.31 and just look for stuff that didn't work very well and improve. That idea fell by the wayside when I discovered that the source code didn't exist! The end result meant starting from scratch. The source for the compiler and interpreter doesn't exist either so I had to resort to CHAINING to the TBsystem file. Then I discovered that CHAIN doesn't work as expected either. There is nothing "new" in version 6 - it is version 5 dressed up differently. I can well understand why many people use other types of editors, but the problem here is that at some time you may want to run, compile or bind a program and then you are faced with the same problem as version 6. At least version 6 has a nice little breakpoint feature that you can insert anywhere in a program to print out the values of various variables - often very useful. As far as running on 64 bit machines, I have never had any problems with version 6 running under win95, win97, winXP, win7, win8, win10. They all seem to work the same. I depend on it for my commercial programs.
I am currently working on a new version 6.008 which has a cure for a bug that exists in ALL editions of version 5 (but not in the DOS versions). It surprises me that nobody has picked this up before, although to be fair it is a very unexpected bug that has obviously been well hidden for the past 18 years.

Email responses from support

My responses from support (Anne) have been within the day. I was amazed!

I should have mentioned my

I should have mentioned my experience with True BASIC support has been extremely positive in the past. Fast response times and friendly/detailed and (even more important, IMO) honest replies.

I noticed many forum posts remain unanswered, therefore I voiced my concern. I probably spoke too soon. Also, TB replied to my mentioned e-mail in the meantime, so I have no rights to complain.

As I said, I am a big supporter of their work.

Our apologies for the delay

.... in responding to your message. I'd be happy to provide a copy of 5.5 for you if you'd like, just let us know.