How do I escape " characters when printing a string that has them?

Hi all,
I was trying to print a quote and got an error message. I tried escaping the quote with C-like syntax to no avail. How could I do it in True BASIC?

PRINT "How do I "quote" you?"


printing a quotation mark

Hi spintronic,

You cause TB to print a Quotation Mark by using 2 quotation marks. So to print

PRINT "How do I "quote" you?"

!you can use

PRINT "How do I ""quote"" you?"

!or you can use CHR$(34):

PRINT "How do I " & chr$(34) & "quote" & chr$(34) & "you?"

If you don't have a manual, you can download the Silver PDF manual which will have everything in it. There are a few other things there on the download page which you may find helpful.

Hope this helps.
Mike C.


Yes I was searching through the online TB Bronze help, the Bronze Manual, and was going to search through the World of True BASIC book but I could not find it on my phone. Thanks for the help!I now see that the Silver Edition manual has better documentation. Thanks again!