TrueBasic fails to start and posts error message "Window too small in pixel coordinates"

I have been running TrueBasic sussessfully for several months (and older versions for many years on another computer). Yesterday, when I clicked the TrueBasic icon all I got was a small box with this error message and the statement "The editor will now abort". I have no idea what caused this or how to cure it. Has anyone seen this before?


"Window too small ..."

Thanks very much. That did get TrueBasic running again. I still have no isdea what caused the problem.

I have never had that problem

I have never had that problem but you could try this. Go to the True Basic 6 installation folder and delete the TBEDITS.CFG file. Then just open TB again. It should write a new configuration file for you, just in case the current one is corrupted.
I did have issues running programs and binding them after Windows 10 did an upgrade, I had to change all of the folder rights in my installation folder so any temporary files TB needed to write to could actually be written to.

Hope this helps. I assume as this is in the 6 bugs section that you are actually using 6, not it would work with 5.