.CSV Files former Comma Delimited

I have many old files set up like:
Last, First, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax
I would like to be able to read them in that order. At present I have to use the LINE INPUT Command, read the whole record and then parse out to find the individuals variables by looking for the commas.

I tried INPUT #1: Last$, fIRST$, ADDRESS$, city$, State$, zIP$, PHONE$, fAX$
But no success. Any thoughts? My inner voice is telling me this can be done however the documentation manual does not show any examples.



reading and parsing csv type text files


I have a subroutine which I use which reads csv type files (which are just text files), and loads the data into a string array; d$(rows,columns). It automatically determines the delimiter and the number of rows and columns. Just send the path and filename in as arguments. You can just tack the SUB onto your program as an external SUB, then just call it and then process the returned array as desired.

I'll be glad to email it to you along with a small program demonstrating it if you wish. Posting programs on this forum is too clumsy because the formatting gets all messed up and makes things confusing.

Regards, Mike C.

.CSV Files

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This will really simplify my life and allow me access to some old but very valuable data files!