do comple window command, and startup.tru file location

1. How can I locate the "startup.tru" file? A search of the complete disk does not locate it. Is it included in v6.007?
2. How can I get the "do complex" command to work from the command window for the complex arithmetic toolkit. To get it to work at all after unzipping it,I had to: a). compile the complex file to create a complex.trc file and b). place it in the base directory because, for the "demconfig.tru" pgm, it couldn't find the compLibs.trc file unless placed there. It now runs fine as long as the "Do complex" command is executed from the run menu. However, c). when run from the command window 2 consecutive error windows popup, sequentially, and the program hangs until I use the "task Mgr" to stop it.
1). "TROUBLE READING FROM COMPLEX -- PROCESS ABORTED -- OK" and 2). "DO PROGRAM INCORRECT FORMAT -- DO PROGRAM ABORTED -- OK". When the program is restarted a pop up occurs that says "CANNOT FIND -- *Free -- OK". All is well after that as long as I do not use the "Do Complex" command from the command window!