Running TB Bronze compiled program as a "double-click" icon from the Linux Desktop

I'm running TB Bronze 6007 in Wine-3.0 as a virtual environment over Mint Linux (ubuntu|debian); so far so good after getting past a couple of install glitches (posted elsewhere on this site).

I moved a copy of tbsystem.exe to C://WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/TB_SYSTEM.EXE

This can now be used in a Linux "launcher" from the Linux main Desktop as a "double-click" icon program execution. Things run really quickly of course when the BASIC program has been compiled to a TB TRC file.

The TRC file needs to be placed in a directory|folder that can be accessed within the Linux Wine environment. I put my utility in:

I set the command in the Linux "launcher" as :
wine tb_system -i C://WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/MYUTILITY.TRC

Of course any icon may be selected for the "launcher"; however, a wine "launcher" defaults to the Windows logo icon.

I was at first annoyed that the interpreter|compiler had been removed from the editor (unlike the legacy DOS editor from 1993 that I'm running in DOS in a BOX). In the Wine virtual environment the transfer of control from the editor to the tbsystem is something less than seamless. I have become used to it and I find that there are actually several good design reasons for tbsystem... not the least of which is the ability to create mostly seamless program "launchers" from the Linux Desktop running a compiled BASIC program.

I really like the default editor background pastel yellow; very reminiscent of the yellow paper rolls some of us used to load into our ASR-33 TTY terminals! Much preferred to the black screen of the legacy version editor.