The Value of the TBEditor

TBEditor is not EMACS, nor VIM, but it does have intrinsic value for BASIC editing and invoking the tbsystem. I am finding myself actually enjoying editing within TBEditor, but I am particularly fond of the following features that set it apart and give it a value add.

First I like the default pastel yellow; highly reminiscent of the yellow rolls of paper I used to load into the real ASR-33 TTY of days long gone now. The ease of use of the editing buffers (green arrows at top left of the main window) are very simple and elegant; I am able to keep my main program and all external subs and function files open, and easily switch between them.

The primary value add for the TBEditor apart from the run and compile buttons (which chain out to the real TrueBASIC, tbsystem.exe) are the BASIC source format button and the debugging option under 'settings' which allows the break-point system (under the RUN drop down menu). The source formatting button helps immensely to make BASIC programs easy to read and read-ably consistent. The break-point system is probably the most useful feature of the v6.007 TBEditor application; in my opinion its the main reason I will use the TBEditor over say my standard DOS editor 'EDIT', or my unix editors EMACS or VIM-- although any of those editors may be used to create TrueBASIC programs.

The only irritations with TBEditor are the over-zealous 'event loop' and|or the keyboard polling that utilize more than their share of system resources, and the infamous lack of support for extended mouse events like wheel scrolling in the main window.